Riham Kafagy

Assistant professor

I earned my Ph.D. in political science from Cairo University, Egypt, in 2012. Then, I joined Zayed University at the same year. Alongside my teaching career, I offer my research consultations to various philanthropic foundations in Gulf States. I received two honor certificates from the Kuwaiti Awqaf Public Foundation in 2007 and 2010 respectively to appreciate my efforts in Endowments and Philanthropic Studies.


Roles and Responsibilities

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies, College of Humanities and Social Science, Zayed University, 2017-Currently.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute for Islamic World Studies, Zayed University, 2012- 2016.


Ph.D. (in Political Science), Cairo University, 2012, (Dissertation: Western Civil Society Foundations: A Comparison between the Reference Values and Practical Roles).

Master of Arts (in Political Science), Cairo University, 2006.

Master of Arts (in Islamic Studies with concentration in Political Science), Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (now, Cordoba University), VA, USA, May 2000.

Bachelor of Science (in Political Science), Cairo University, July 1996.


Arabic and English


Member, Muslim Philanthropists Network, 2010-2011.

Member, The International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR), 2010-2011

Member, Editorial Board, Periodical Bulletin “Medad Lights,” Medad journal for Philanthropic Studies, June 2010- Currently.

Research and Professional Activities

Research interests:

State-Society Relations in the Arab World.

Values and Norms of Western Civil Society

Political, Academic and Humanitarian Relief Roles of NGOs.

Gulf Philanthropy and Donor Foundations

Current Projects:

“Changing Systems and Challenging Inequalities: Ford Foundation’s Mission & Programs”, Journal of Philanthropy & Education, forthcoming in 2019.

“Epistemological Integration in Endowments’ (Waqf) Studies: Challenges on Theoretical and Practical Paths”, Herndon, VA: The Institute for International Islamic Thought, forthcoming in 2019.

Faith-Based Organizations: Humanitarian Duty or Religious Mission”, Voluntas, forthcoming in 2019.


Philanthropy, humanitarian relief, NGOS, state-society relations.

Publication and Distribution, 2018.

“Sub-National Identities: A Reading in Changing “Imagined Identity” of Arab States, Al-Mustaqbal Al-Aarabi (Arab Future), No.466, December 2017.

Teaching Areas


POL 336 Foreign Policy of Emerging Powers

ISL-495 Contemporary Islamic World

COL-135 Islamic Civilization I

COL-230 Islamic Civilization II

HSS-490 Internship

List most recent publications, use APA citation format.

Citizens vs. Refugees: Concepts and Applications of Islamic Solidarity in Turkey and the UK, Maecenata Institute’s online Opuscula Series, No.113. Maecenata Institute, Berlin, 2018. ISSN: 1868-1840. URN: http://nbnresolving.de/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-56505-8

“New Institutionalism in Comparative Politics: A Comparative Study between Western Civil Society and Islamic Endowments”, (In) Towards Studying Comparative Politics from a Comparative Civilizational Perspective: Methodological Approaches, Comparative Politics from a Comparative Civilizational Perspective Project Series (1), Civilization Centre for Studies and Research (ed.,). Cairo: International Thinkers for