Endowed Professor for Arabic Language

Ph.D. (2001) - Curriculum & Instruction - University of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
M.A. (1996) - Master of Education in Educational Psychology - American University of Beirut, Lebanon
B.A.. (1988) - Bachelor of Arts in Social & Behavioral Sciences. American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Diploma (1988) - Diploma in Elementary Education - American University of Beirut,Lebanon


Dr. Hanada Taha Thomure is the Endowed Professor of Arabic Language and director of the Arabic Language Center for Research & Development at Zayed University, UAE. Previously, she served as Associate and Acting Dean of Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain, and director of Arabic programs at San Diego State University, USA. She has close to 30 years of experience in teacher preservice preparation and in-service training, Arabic Language curriculum design, developing and reviewing national literacy strategies, and literacy coaching. She designed the first system for leveling Arabic texts which is currently used by regional and international publishers to level their Arabic children’s books. More than 8000 books have been leveled free of charge with a grant from Arab Thought Foundation. Dr. Taha Thomure was among the first researchers to develop Arabic language arts standards that have been used by more than 100,000 students all over the Arab world. She is the senior author for Pearson’s first Arabic language Arts K-9, a state-of-the-art curriculum that is standards, literature and inquiry-based. She has reviewed the national Arabic curricula for Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, and Bahrain and has been an adviser for Arab Thought Foundation, Queen Rania Foundation, USAID, DLI, World Bank, Ernst Young, and many international schools across the region. Her research is in the field of Arabic language teaching and learning, oral reading fluency, Arabic children’s literature and teacher preparation, and curriculum studies.


Dubai Academic City, C-L2-039


04 402 1878

Research and Professional Activities

Recent publications:

  • Gregory, L; Taha-Thomure, H., Kazem, A; Bonni, A; Elsayed, M. Taibah, N.  (2021). Advancing Arabic Language Teaching & Learning: A path to reducing learning poverty in the MENA. Washington, D.C. World Bank Group.
  • Taha-Thomure, H., Tamim, R. , Griffiths, M. (2021). Review of Arabic diglossia and its effect on teaching and learning. Queen Rania Foundation. Amman.
  • Taha-Thomure, H., Mokhtari; K. (2020). Review of the Moroccan grades 1-9 Arabic language curriculum. USAID
  • Tsimpera Maluch, J. Taha Thomure, H; (2021). Shifting paradigms in Arabic pedagogy and policy in the UAE: Opportunities and challenges for teacher education. In Bakkali, N. & Memon, N. (Eds.) Teacher Training and Education in the GCC:Unpacking the Complexities and Challenges of Internationalizing Educational Contexts. Rowan & Littlefield. ISBN 978-1-7936-3673-7
  • Alosh, M.; Taha-Thomure, H. (2021).  The assessment of language proficiency and its implementation in classrooms.  InAbuAmsha, K. (2021). Applications of ACTFL’s standards in teaching Arabic to non-native learners.   Dar Kunooz.  Amman, Jordan.
  • Taha, H. & Taha, H. (2020) Morpho-orthographic preferences among typical and poor native Arab readers, Writing Systems Research, 11:2, 212-225, DOI: 10.1080/17586801.2020.1805394
  • Harb, M; Taha-Thomure, H. (2020).  Connecting Literacy to Curriculum Ideologies.  Curriculum Perspectives, 4027–33.https://doi.org/10.1007/s41297-020-00099-0
  • Taha Thomure, H; Kreidieh, S; Baroudi, S. (2020). Arabic children's literature: Glitzy production, disciplinary content. Issues in Educational Research, 30(1), 323-344. http://www.iier.org.au/iier30/taha-thomure.pdf
  • Taha Thomure, H. (2020). The Satus of Arabic language mirrors the status of its teachers. In (AlBatal, M. 2020) Status report of Arabic language. Ministry of Culture & Youth, UAE.

Foundational Education Books:

  • Taha, H. (2017). The Hanada Taha Arabic Text Leveling System.  Publisher: Publisher: Educational Book House Publishing, KSA. ISBN: 978-603-8147-31-3
  • Taha, H. (2017). Arabic Language Arts Standards and Performance Indicators.  Publisher: Educational Book House Publishing, KSA. ISBN: 978-603-8147-32-0

Policy Reports:

  • Taha-Thomure, H. & Sabella, T. (2015). Assessment & Curriculum 10-year Policy Plan for Jordan.  Queen Rania Foundation.
  • Taha-Thomure, H. (2015). Review of the Moroccan grades 1-4 Arabic language curriculum: Challenges and 5-year Reform Plan. USAID

College Level Textbooks:

  • Taha-Thomure, H. (2012). Scribbles of an Arab Woman 2.  Publisher: Montezuma University Press.  San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. 
  • Taha-Thomure, H. et al (2011).  Arabic Language through Dialogue 1.   Publisher: Montezuma University Press.  San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. ISBN: 978-0-7442-0708-8

Original K-12 Textbooks

  • Taha, H. (In progress).  Levels 1-9 Arabic Language Curriculum for native learners.    Pearson.
  • Taha, H. (In progress).  Levels 1-9 Arabic Language Curriculum for non-native learners.    Pearson.

Articles & Book Chapters:

  • Taha, H. (2019).  Arabic Language Education in the UAE.  In: Gallagher, K. (ed), Education in the UAE: Innovation and transformation. Springer. Doi:10.1007/978-981-13-7736-5_5
  • Taha-Thomure, H.; Speaker, R. (2018). Arabic Language Arts Standards: Revolution or Disruption? Research in Comparative and International Education. (14)4, 551-569 https://doi.org/10.1177/1745499918807032
  • Taha, H. (2017). Arabic Language Teacher Education. In A. Gebril (ed.) Applied Linguistics in the Middle East and North Africa.  Amsterdam: John Benjamins, (p. 267-287).  ISBN 9789027265791. DOI: 10.1075/aals.15.12tah

Children’s Books:

  • Taha, H. (2019).  My Crazy Socks.  Kalimat Publishing House.  Sharjah-UAE.           
  • Taha, H. (2018).  Too Many Feet.  Asala Publishing House.  Beirut-Lebanon (Shortlisted for the Arab Publishers Award 2019).

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