Nadia Amin

Assistant Professor

I have a PhD in Sociology and a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies.  My work examines cultural determinants of attainment among men and women.  In particular, I focus on education, employment choices/ career trajectories and how these vary by gender.  I joined Zayed University in 2013.  Since then, I have taught several undergraduate courses including comparative sociology, development and underdevelopment, issues in national development, women, society, and politics and popular culture. 


Research and Professional Activities

Teaching Areas

2018 – ‘Critical Thinking’, third-year undergraduate course, Dept. of Social Sciences

2018 – ‘Comparative Intellectual Traditions’, third-year undergraduate course, Dept. of Social Sciences.

  • Matherly, L. Amin, N. and AlNahayn, S.S.K. (2017).  The impact of generation and socioeconomic status on the value of higher education in the UAE: A longitudinal study. International Journal of Educational development, 5:1-10.
  • AlNahyan, S.S.K, Matherly, L. and Amin, N (2017). An investigation of gender and generational differences in attitudes toward the importance of a college degree in the UAE.  Gender in Management: An International Journal, 32(8).