Habibul Khondker


Habibiul Haque Khondker, PhD (Pittsburgh) is professor of Social Sciences at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE and a scholar of globalization studies. He is the Co-Chair of Research Committee 9 (Social Transformations and Sociology of Development) of the International Sociological Association. Khondker, a Bangladesh-born sociologist has taught sociology and related fields for over three decades.  He has published articles on globalization, glocalization, migration governance, state and secularism, nationalism, and various development issues in such international journals as Journal of Consumer Culture, International Sociology, International Sociology Review, Protosociology, The British Journal of Sociology, Current Sociology, International Migration, Globalizations, Armed Forces and Society, Asian Journal of Social Sciences, South Asia among others. Among his leading publications are: Globalization: East/West. (Sage, 2010; Turkish translation, 2018). with Bryan Turner.  The Middle East and the 21st Century Globalization. (Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Zayed University Press, 2010) co-edited with Jan Nederveen Pieterse, and  Asia and Europe in Globalization: Continents, Regions, and Nations (Brill 2006) co-edited with Goran Therborn.

Khondker received the outstanding faculty award at Zayed University in 2013-14. Khondker, a recipient of prestigious Andrew Mellon Fellowship as a graduate student also received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Sociology in 2012.

Khondker was interviewed for a series titled, “Journeys through Sociology”, hosted by International Sociological Association at its website. 16 September 2011. Also available in YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYGtZAvf0Uc

Roles and Responsibilities

Khondker leads the Bengali translation team of Global Dialogue, a publication of the International Sociological Association.

 He is also the Editor-in-chief of the South Asian Journal of Social Sciences.

Khondker is on the editorial and editorial advisory board of several international journals including the Journal of Sociology, The Journal of the Australian Sociological Association.

Member, Board of Directors, Global Development Network

Member, Governing Body, Shiekh Zayed Bangladesh Islamia School, Abu Dhabi

Member of the Advisory Board of the South Asian Institute of Social Transformation (SAIST)


PhD (1985) University of Pittsburgh, USA

MA (1978) Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

BA, MA (1975) University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Sociological Association

Association of Asian Studies

International Convention of Asia Scholars


English, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu

Informal Interests

Movies, Cricket,  Playing Harmonica

Research and Professional Activities

Research interests:

Global studies, migration, glocal processes, political-economy of development and state, governance, migration diplomacy, and  Asian globalization. 

Current Projects: Managlobal: management in glocal context, European Union, Horizon 2020 project, Principal Investigator: Professor  Ulrike Schukerns, University of Rennes, France.

Role of migrants in social and economic transformation in the host as well as the origin countries (for World Migration Report 2020, International Office of Migration)

Keywords: globalization, glocalization, migration, governance

Teaching Areas

Undergraduate: Introduction to Culture and Society; Popular Cultures of the World; Comparative Intellectual Traditions; Comparative Sociology; The State, Society, and the Economy; World Regions: South Asia; and

Graduate: HSS613-C Area Studies: East Asia; EMPA505 Quantitative and IT Methods for Public Policy; EMPA506 Applied Research Method in Public Policy


(last three years)

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DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-7095-2

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