Walaaeldeen Ibraheem

Associate Professor - Coordinater of Master of legal and Judicial Studies

After graduating from the University of Ain shams, Cairo, Egypt, with a B.sc degree in Law at 1996, I worked 8years as an instructor for Air Law in the Egyptian Academy for civil Aviation, during this period I got my master’s degree in Private law and International Commercial law in 1999. On 2000 I started my studying in PhD on international private law at the University of Ain Shams, awarded in 2006. I worked as an Assistant professor, in private law at the Egyptian National Center for social and criminological researches.

In 2008, I joined Zayed university as an Assistant Professor in Private Law, teaching commercial law, Alternative disputes Resolution (ADR), Business Law. In 2010, I worked as the legal consultant for the Federal Insurance Authority in UAE. Returning back to ZU on Sep 2012, to play as the Coordinator of MAJS program beside my core profession as an Assistant professor of private law, till now

Roles and Responsibilities

  • 2012-present: Coordinator of MAJS program
  • Assistant Professor of Private law at Zayed University


PhD: International Private Law, 2006.

M.sc: Private Law.

BA : Law, Ain Shams university, 1996.


  • Egyptian Society for International Law. (Cairo- Egypt)
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center. (Abu Dhabi- UAE)
  • The Chartered Insurance Institute. (London- UK)


Arabic, English and French.

Informal Interests

Hearing classic music and  reading Literature.

Research and Professional Activities

Research Interests
International commercial law, Arbitration, Insurance, Business law, Private law

Current Projects
The legal system of the one-person company in UAE.


Teaching Areas

Ungraduate Courses

  • Business law

Post Graduate Courses

MAJS program:

  • Law and society
  • New Trends in Commercial Law
  • Alternative Disputes Resolutions
  • Legal Terminologies
  • Judicial writing and legal methodology

MADIA program:

  • UAE Political and Administrative strategy

Refereed and Published Papers

  • Societal Responsibility of the Foreign Direct Investment Companies in the Arabian Legislations- (Comparative Study), The scientific Journal of the Faculty of Commerce, Assiut University, Vol, 67, 2019.(Published in English Language).
  • Foreigner Real Estate Property Rights in United Arab Emirates (Comparative Study), Revue international en Droit et Sciences Politiques Editee par L’ Universite’ Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla, Algerie, Vol 18, 2018, 9808-1112. (Published in English Language).
  • Choice of law in international consortium agreements, Revue Egyptienne De Droit International, Vol. 73, 2017, Cairo, Egypt. (Published in English Language)