Iyad Jadalhaq

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  • Address: Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF1.2.034
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Professor Iyad Jadalhaq holds a doctorate degree in Civil Law from University of Athens in Greece. His teaching experience in many universities is over 20 years. He have many publications in international journals  indexed in SCOPUS, so he has been a recipient of many awards during his previous academic work, such as, the University Research Award, University Research Fellow Award, College of Law Teaching Award, and twice received the College of Law Research Award. In addition, he has 8 authorized books published in Palestine and UAE.



Arabic, English, Greek.


Ph.D., Civil Law, University of Athens, Athens, Greece       2006

M.A., Civil Law, Al Quds University, Palestine                     2001

B.A., Law, Al Azhar University, Palestine                             1998

Diploma, Programming Computer and Systems Analysis, Al-Azhar University, Palestine 1997

Previous Positions:

-          Coordinator of Master of Arts in Judicial Studies, Zayed University.

-          Chair of Law Department, Abu Dhabi University

-          Deputy Dean, College of Law, Al-Azhar University, Palestine        

-          Head of Legal Affairs, Al-Azhar University, Palestine                     

-          Professor, Abu Dhabi University, UAE         

-          Associate Professor, Al Ain University of Science and Technology, UAE   

-          Associate Professor, Al Azhar University, Palestine                       

-          Assistant Professor, Al Azhar University, Palestine            

-          Lecturer, Al Azhar University, Palestine                                          

-          Teaching Assistant, Al Azhar University, Palestine                         


Research and Professional Activities

Research interests:

-Civil Law

-Contract Law

-Tort Law

-Civil Liability

-Defect of Consent

Current Projects:

Iyad Jadalhaq: Islamic Commercial Arbitration of Financial Disputes and Private International Law: Criticalities and Suggestions for Closer Coordination”.



Teaching Areas

List of courses taught or teaching in ZU: specify if undergraduate or graduate


-          New Trends in Civil Law. (Graduate)

-          Argument Building & Persuasion. (Graduate)

-          New Trends in Commercial Law. (Graduate)

-          Judicial Writing and Research. (Graduate)

-          Logic & Legal Reasoning. (Graduate)

-          Civil Procedure Law. (Graduate)

-          Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony. (Graduate)

-          Alternatives to Judicial Arbitration. (Graduate)

-          Research Project. (Graduate)

1.Iyad Jadalhaq (2020) (First Author): “Finding direction at the edge of law and life: Islamic fiqh, co-respondence, and UAE takāful insurance regulation”, Canadian Journal of Law and Society, (Indexed in SCOPUS & WEB of SCIENCE), Department of Law, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, Cambridge University Press, Vol. 35, Issue 3, pp. 477-497, 2020, UK.

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1017/cls.2020.19

2. Iyad Jadalhaq (2020) (Single Author): “Gross Fraud in the UAE Civil Code: From Its Roots in Islamic Jurisprudence to Contemporary Proposals for Reform”, Journal: Arab Law Quarterly (Indexed in SCOPUS & WEB of SCIENCE), Vol. 34, Issue 1, pp. 109-140, Brill, 2020, Netherlands. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/15730255-12341046

3.Iyad Jadalhaq (2020) (Second Author): “Liability for Withholding Assistance: General Clause or Closed List? A Review of Competing Models in Arab Legislations”, Journal: Jurídicas (Indexed in SCOPUS), University of Caldas, 2020, Colombia.

4.Iyad Jadalhaq (2020) (First Author): “Tort law makes a quantum leap: A review of the civil liability regime for nuclear operators in UAE law” Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law (Indexed in SCOPUS & WEB of SCIENCE), Emerald, 2020, UK. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1108/JPPEL-05-2020-0023

5.Iyad Jadalhaq (2020) (Third Author): “Supporting Organisational Justice Through a Legal Framework for Performance Appraisal in the United Arab Emirates: Management Case and Comparative Sources”, E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies (Indexed in SCOPUS), Volume 9, No. 2, May-June 2020, PP. 21-45, ADAPT University Press, Italy.


6.Iyad Jadalhaq (2020) (Second Author): “Where are Islamic Finance Indices Pointing Towards? Lessons from Experimental ‘Pockets’ of Islamic Financial Regulation on International Stock Markets”, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, (Indexed in SCOPUS & WEB of SCIENCE), 2020, Emerald, Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 267-281, 2019, UK. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1108/JFRC-03-2019-0040

7.Iyad Jadalhaq (2019) (Single Author): “Tort Policy in a Plural Context: Pathways Towards Objective Liability in UAE Tort Law”, Journal: Issues in Legal Scholarship (Indexed in SCOPUS), Volume 17, Issue 1, Walter De Gruyter, 2019, Berlin/Boston. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ils-2019-0001

8.Iyad Jadalhaq (2019) (First Author): “Reading uae Contract Law Through the Lens of Islamic Jurisprudence: A Case Study on the ‘Extraneous Cause’ Exception in the uae Civil Code”, Journal: Global Jurist (Indexed in SCOPUS), Volume 19, Issue 2, Walter De Gruyter, 2019, Berlin/Boston. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/gj-2018-0045

9.Iyad Jadalhaq (2019) (First Author): “The Protection of Minors in uae Law as Persons in Need: An Analytical Study”, journal: Arab Law Quarterly (Indexed in SCOPUS & WEB of SCIENCE), Volume 33, Issue 3, pp. 247-276, Brill, 2019, Netherlands. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/15730255-12334028