Zeinab Ahmed


Dr. Zeinab is a Professor of International Relations in International Studies department, CHSS College, Zayed University and has been lecturing at different Universities since 1984 such as Cairo University, King Abdulaziz University and  . Specializing in International Studies, she is author of 4 books and over 20 published articles /reports on subjects like Egyptian foreign policy towards USA, Islamophobia, Syrian emigration, The political Economy of Petroleum, the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and the Interference of superpowers and big powers in the ME.  She is a former graduate of Cairo University(Egypt) where she got her Bachelor, Masters, and PhD.


  • PhD in International Relations, (Thesis: The Political Economy of Egyptian Foreign Policy Towards the U. S. A. 1981-1991). Faculty of Economics and Political Science. Cairo University.1994. Honors.
  • MA in International Relations (Thesis: South-South Relations: A Political Study of the Role of Petroleum in the Relations between Petroleum and non-Petroleum Developing States). Faculty of Economics and Political Science. Cairo University, 1989.Exellent.
  • BA in Political Science. Faculty of Economics and Political Science Cairo University, 1984. Very good with honor.

Previous Positions

2015-2018:Full time Professor at IWS then at International Studies Department, CHSS - Zayed University, August.

2013-2015: Adjunct Professor at Zayed University.


Arabic and English

Informal Interests

Going to the cinema,listening to music, reading and travelling.

Research and Professional Activities

Research Interests

International relations- the new issues in the international relations such as emigration issue- Nuclear proliferation- Civilizations Dialogue – Islamophobia -  international political economy issues, the interference of superpowers and big powers in the ME and its impact on the regional politics.

Current Projects

Writing a paper to be published in the “world politics periodical” . The title is : “The Impact of Syrian Crisis on The Iranian – Russian Relations”.


Teaching Areas

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • GEN 135: Islamic civilization I
  • GEN 230 : Islamic civilization II 
  • GEN 255: Emirates Studies
  • Islamic Societies and Global Affairs

A. Ahmed, Zeinab.2016. “The International Crisis of the Energy Prices: The Political Implications and Effects.” Issues and Views. Available at:http://www.hadaracenter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=404&Itemid=592.

Zeinab A. Ahmed. 2016. “The International Political Economy As A Model of The Interdisciplinary Studies.” In The Future of the Interdisciplinary Studies in the Human and Social Sciences., 489–503.