Mostafa Dogim


I graduated from Cairo University in 1977. I was appointed as a lecturer, then an assistant teacher, then an assistant professor, then an associate professor, and then a professor. I had studied many courses related to Islamic Political Though and Islamic history and Civilization at many universities inside and outside Egypt before, I joined Zayed University. I also supervised many MA and Ph.D. in the field of Islamic political thought and participated as an examiner in discussing and evaluating many dissertations. Finally, I have published some books and many researches and studies in many Arab periodicals.


Ph.D. Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Al Giza Cairo Egypt, Political Theory (Islamic Political Theory

minor), 1990

M.D. Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences. Cairo University, Al Giza, Cairo, Egypt, Political theory (Islamic Political Theory

minor), 1985

B.A. Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences. Cairo University, Al Giza, Cairo, Egypt, Political Sciences, 1977





1979- present: Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University

2016-present: Department of International Studies, College of HSS IIWS, Zayed University

2005-2011: Department of Arts and Sciences, Zayed University

2004- present: Arab Community for Political Sciences

2003- present: Center for Malaysian Studies, Cairo University

1996-1999: Ahl Al Byatt University 

Informal Interests

Watching cultural programs and news channels on TV. Walking, Readings and playing football

Research and Professional Activities

Research Interests
Evolution of Political Thought, Islamic Political Thought, Political Theory, Islamic Political theory, Islamic History, Islamic Civilization

Current Projects

  • Finishing a book about the Islamic Political Thought: Issues and Cases
  • Backwardness of the Ummaa in the vision of Tal kawakebi

Teaching Areas

Undergraduate Courses

  • Islamic Civilization 1
  • Islamic civilization 2
  • Islamic Political Thought
  • Contemporary Islamic World

 Graduate Courses

  • Scientific Research Methods
  • Turn Points in Islamic History
  • Movements of Reformation and Renewal in Islam

 Dogim, M. (2017) Despotism and Security in The Political Thought of Al kwakebi, The

International Institute of Islamic Thought, Jordan