Assistant Professor

Dr. Emily Winchip completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham in 2019, researching the work of teachers in marketized schools. She holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago in educational measurement, evaluation, statistics, and assessment and a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Western Illinois University.



Dr. Emily Winchip is an Assistant Professor at Zayed University in the Center for Education Innovation and the Department of Education. She facilities workshops for faculty related to assessment, data collection and analysis, and teaches undergraduate courses in educational assessment and evaluation. She completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham in 2019, researching the work of teachers in marketized schools. Dr. Winchip is an experienced educator having previously taught music at international schools in Kuwait and Dubai and public schools in Oregon, USA. Her research interests are critical education measurement, the work of teachers and the effects of marketization of schools on teachers.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF2.1.52


02 599 3327

Teaching Areas

EDC353 – Assessment and Evaluation

EDC452 – Early Childhood Math and Science II


EDC321 – Classroom Leadership and Management

EDC352—Early Childhood Math and Science I

EDC360 – Educational Technology

EDC390, 480, 490 – Practicum and Internship

EDC499 – Capstone Project

Research and Professional Activities

Winchip, E., Stevenson, H., & Milner, A. (2023). Measuring privatisation in education: Methodological challenges and possibilities. In J. Martin, M. Bowl, & G. Banks (Eds.), Mapping the Field: 75 Years of Educational Review, Volume II. Taylor & Francis.

Winchip, E. (2022). Open for business: A quantitative analysis of teachers’ experiences of marketisation in international schools. Educational Review, 1–23.

Stevenson H., Milner A., Winchip E. and Hagger-Vaughan L. (2019) Education policy and the European Semester: Challenging soft power in hard times in L. Tett and M. Hamilton Resisting neoliberalism in education: local, national and transnational perspectives. Bristol: The Policy Press.

Winchip, E., Stevenson, H. &Milner, A. (2019) Measuring privatisation in education: methodological challenges and possibilities. Educational Review: Special issue –The Global Education Reform Movement (GERM): Infection, Immunity, Prevention and Cure.

Medwell, J., Cooker, L., Bailey, L. & Winchip, E. (2017). The impact of the PYP exhibition on the development of international mindedness, critical thinking and attributes of the learner profile. International Baccalaureate Organization: Bethesda, MD.

Stevenson, H., Hagger-Vaughan, L., Milner, A. & Winchip, E. (2017). Education and Training Policyin the European Semester: public investment, public policy, social dialogue and privatisation patterns across Europe. European Trade Union Committee for Education: Brussels.

Stevenson, H., Shah, S., Cooker, L., Bailey, L., Winchip, E. & Karak, M. (2017). The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) implementation in the United Arab Emirates. International Baccalaureate Organization: Bethesda, MD.

Research: Critical feminist quantitative education policy

Research interests: Education policy, teacher’s work, privatization and marketization of schools

Current Projects: PISA in the UAE, Assessment policies of UAE Higher Education institutions

Keywords: teacher’s work, privatization, marketization of education

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