Man Baker

Associate Professor - Assistant Deans for Students Affairs - AUH
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  • Telephone: +971 2 599 3575
  • Address: Dubai Academic City, FF2-1-073A


After graduating from University of Jordan with a Ph.D degree in Islamic law in 2008, I worked for seven years as assistant professor in faculty of law, before I joined ZU in 2015 as associate professor in institute of islamic world studies.

Roles and Responsibilities

Previous: coordinator GEN 230 (2016-2017).

GEN coordinator GEN 135 coordinator (2017-2018)

Current: Chair of islamic world studies department in college of humanities and social sciences


PhD: “Contention in Rights-comparative study in Islamic Law', University of Jordan. Awarded 2008.
BA: Islamic Law, Alyarmouk University, 2002.


Arabic and English

Informal Interests

Reading World literature.

Research and Professional Activities

Research interests:

Islamic Law, emergent issues, comparative studies with law and economics.

Current Projects:The Unique Stature of Marriage Contract In Islamic Law- A Call For Retrospection”.  The main scope is to go through the Islamic law scholars’ manuscripts in different doctrines, and to compare all that to what have been revealed in Quran and Sunnah, with a special turn to what is settled in our contemporary communities, in order to reach a final and comprehensive opinion.

Teaching Areas


 Gen 135, GEN 255 (undergraduate)

1- Baker, M. (2018). Capital Punishment for Apostasy in Islam. Arab Law Quarterly ,Brill .

2- Baker, M. (2018). Conflict of Fatwā (Islamic Advisory Opinion) Between Shariah Committees of Islamic Financial Institutions. ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance, Volume 9, issue 1.

3- Baker, M. (2017). Sharia’s Protection of Privacy, a Comparative Study between Islamic Sharia and the Law. Journal of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Kuwait University, vol. 32. Issue 110.

4- Obaidi, A. Baker, M. (2017). Blood - Money (Diyya) as Being a Compensation in The Emirati Law & Islamic Jurisprudence. Global business Economics Anthology, v1,  pp: 126-133.

Ph.D. ‎

Islamic Law

University of Jordan