Hussein Sabry

Associate Professor - Coordinator

He was Co-author of the curriculum for psychology and sociology of high school students at the Ministry of Education in the UAE 2008. He taught courses for philosophy, logic and psychology for more than twenty-nine years in the UAE, Algeria and Egypt. He established the first laboratory for supervision and psychological leadership in the secondary level in the UAE 2002. He writes poetry and short stories. Moreover, he won several awards such as the award of Writers Union UAE for the short story. He is a professional trainer in thinking skills development, NLP courses and applying scientific research.


  • Ph.D. Islamic Philosophy, Banha University, Egypt 2003, with Honors on the topic of: "Vision of God among the Scholars, Pilosophers and Mystics"
  • MA. Islamic Philosophy with distinction, Zagazig University, Egypt on the theme:"The Concept of Doubt and Certainty in Relation to AL- Muatazala,", 1999 Diploma, Zagazig University - Egypt, Philosophy, 1996.
  • B.A., Alexandria University, Egypt, Philosophy and Sociology
  • PH.D. in Islamic Philosophical Thought


  • Egyptian Philosophical Society
  • The Arabic Society for Civilization and Islamic Art


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French

Research and Professional Activities

Research Interests

  • Historical and Contemporary Islam
  • The fields of philosophy, Ethics and Mysticism, Theology
  • The difference Islamic Doctrines
  • Engineering Thinking
  • Development of Creativity, and NLP

Current Projects

  • Islamic Book: “The Humanity of the profit Mohamed”

Teaching Areas

Courses taught in ZU for undergraduate:

COL-135, COL-230, ISL-209, ISL-210, ISL-495, COL-130, BUS-207, BUS-407, GEN-255.

Courses taught in ZU for graduate:

  • Intellectual School of Islamic Thought
  • Logic and Reasoning,


  • 2017: “The Philosophy of Interpretation” 2017:
  • Revelation Reading: Integration between the Spiritual Faith and Scientific Methodological”.