Eiman Khaleel

Assistant Professor

Dr.Eiman joined the teaching field since more than 15 years. She taught more than thousand students of different levels and nationalities as she was an Islamic studies teacher in ministry of education in several schools, where she was promoted to be First Level teacher and assistant of First level supervisor on secondary school examination in Abu Dhabi.  She Joined ZU as an assistant professor in spring 2013 as a member of the Institute for Islamic World Studies, which became later "department for Islamic World Studies" in College of Humanities and Social Sciences, while working at ZU, she teaches the following two courses: (COL 135) Islamic Civilization, (COL 255) Emirates Studies. Dr.Eiman was the co-chair of Islamic department (2016-2018 ), member in the gulf citizenship promotion committee, and contributing in writing different proposals of bachelor and master degree in Islamic studies. She participated with refereed research papers in number of conferences internationally and regionally and represented UAE in different venues as speaker.

Roles and Responsibilities
Co-chair of IWS department (2016-2018)


  • 2012 Ph.D. in Islamic Jurisprudence/Fiqh. Title of thesis: Investment of zakat and its role in development of the Islamic world, Cairo University, Dar Aloluom College, Cairo. Merit: excellent with highest honor.
  • 2002 Masters in Islamic Jurisprudence/Fiqh. Title of thesis: group Ijtihad and the role of Fiqh councils in its achievement in our present time .Cairo University, Dar Aloloum College, Cairo. Merit: Excellent
  • 1987 B.A., Islamic studies. U.A.E University -faculty of Arts, U.A.E. Merit: Very good
Previous Positions
  • September 2016 - PresentPosition: Co-Chair of Islamic world studies department/CHSSPlace of work: Zayed University-Abu Dhabi-UAE
  • February 2013 - PresentPosition: Assistant Professor in IIWSPlace of work: Zayed University-Abu Dhabi-UAE
  •  June, 2004 - May, 2011
Arabic and English

Research and Professional Activities

Research Interests

Fiqh, Fiqh principals” Osool al fiqh”, and Islamic economics, Islamic civilization.

Current Projects

  • The foundations and principles upon which Islamic civilization was based in its cultural diversity and the mechanisms used to combat extremism and terrorism.
  • “Gulf citizenship in the era of technology and modern means of communication" Gulf Citizenship promotion workshop " Abu Dhabi .UAE


Zakat, endowment” WAQF”, group Ijtihad, Fiqh Councils , human tolerance, gulf citizenship.

Teaching Areas

Undergraduate Courses

  • GEN 255: Emirates studies
  • GEN 135: Islamic Civilization

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