Bashir AbulQaraya

Associate Professor - MADIA Coordinator
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +9712 599 3356
  • Address: Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, Female Campus: FF2-1-034, Male Campus: MF1-2-049

After graduating from Assiut University of Egypt with BSc degree in political science, awarded in 1983, I obtained MSc and PhD in political science from Cairo University, awarded in 1994 and 2007. Before I come to Zayed University, I worked as a researcher in political science at Civilization Center for Political Studies of Cairo and I worked also as a researcher at Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi, then as a Director of Research and Studies at Electronic Village of Abu Dhabi. 

Since 2009, I worked as Assistant Professor of political Science at the Islamic World Studies Department, Zayed University. In 2018, I promoted to Associate Professor after I moved to the International Studies Department in the College of Humanities of Social Sciences. My Scholarly works has reached to 69 works, six of them in English and 38 of them were published after I joined Zayed University. They included publishing two books as an author, one book as a translator, and ten books as an editor and introducer.

Roles and Responsibilities

Associate Professor of Political Science at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2018-Now)

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2009-2018)


PhD in Political Science: ‘The Palestinian Intifada's Model: A Study in National Movement and Islamic Phenomenon. Cairo University. Awarded 2007.

PhD Preliminary Degree in Political Science: Cairo University. Awarded 1996.

MSc in Political Science: ‘The Political Role of The Mosque’, Cairo University. Awarded 1994.

MSc Preliminary Degree in Political Science: Cairo University. Awarded 1985.

BSc in Political Science: Assiut University. Awarded 1983.

Previous Positions

(2015-Now). LOQYA Club Coordinator.

(2016-2018). GEN-135 Coordinator.

(2017). GEN-230 Coordinator.


2015-2018: Editorial Board member, Journal of Business and Social Science Review, JBSSR.

2015-2018: Editorial Board member, Social Behavior Research and Practice Openventio Journal, SBRPOJ.


Arabic, English, French, Italian, German

Informal Interests

Running, Playing Chess, Travel

Research and Professional Activities

Research interests:

Political Theory, Islamic phenomenon, Palestinian phenomenon, Emirates Studies.

Current Projects:
Book Chapter: The Egyptian foreign policy toward the Arab Israeli conflict, in; Mostafa, N. (Ed.), The Egyptian foreign policy in 2012-2013, targeted for Center of civilization for studies and research, Cairo.

Article in Journal: Islamists in Palestine: Governance and Resistance: How to Meet? targeted for Ummati-Fi-AlAlam, Issue no. 14.


Theoretical Models, Normative Scales, Alliances from Islamic Perspective, Foreign Policy, Arab Israeli Conflict, Political Islam,

Teaching Areas


POL-331, Principles to International Relations

GEN-135, Islamic Civilization I

GEN-230, Islamic Civilization II

GEN-255, Emirates Studies

HIS-201, The History of the UAE.


MCIS-655, Muslim Societies and Global Affairs


AbulQaraya, B. (2019, April). Alliance from Islamic perspective: A study in concept and theoretical model (In Arabic, accepted). Journal of Faculty of Political Science and Economics, FEPS, 19 (2) 167-230.

AbulQaraya, B. (2018, January). The Transformation of Palestinian Official Attitudes Toward Israel (In Arabic). Qadaya Wa Nadharat, 2 (8), 1-23.

AbulQaraya, B. (2017, Jul-Sep). Al-Aqsa Mosque and the third Palestinian Intifada (In English). Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review, ISSN 2289-8506, GJBSSR, 5 (3), 114-136.

AbulQaraya, B. (2017). Impact of ideological disagreements on international relations: A study in Islam and the West (In English). The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences, EpSBS, XXI (22), 34-54, doi:

AbulQaraya, B. (2017). Civil Resistance in West Bank and Facing the Israeli Settlement (In Arabic). Qadaya Wa Nadharat, 2 (5), 51-65.