The College of Humanities and Social Sciences boasts two forward-thinking facilities.

The first is our Arabic Legal Clinic, which offers an enriching hands-on experience to Master’s students in Legal and Judicial Studies, under the mentorship of seasoned faculty. This clinic serves as a community outreach effort, providing legal guidance to university affiliates and the broader UAE community, and is strictly a resource for informed self-assistance.

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The second facility, the Social Science & Digital Humanities Lab, has been a hub for faculty research support since its 2020 inception. It regularly hosts an array of seminars, workshops, and guest scholars, accommodating both online and in-person engagements. Notably, it has organized sessions like a Digital Humanities Workshop led by an international specialist, and collaborations that delve into Geographic Information System applications in humanities and social sciences. Furthermore, it has been a venue for advanced training in quantitative research techniques and data analysis methodologies, courtesy of specialists from renowned institutions, including the American Political Science Association.

Plans are underway to expand our facilities with a new, cutting-edge Social Science & Digital Humanities Lab designed with a student-first approach. This expansion is part of our ongoing commitment to enrich student life, evidenced by our sponsorship of various extracurricular initiatives like the Model United Nations Club and the Undergraduate Research Seminar. The envisioned lab will immerse undergraduate students in hands-on research, employing digital tools and methods to address intricate questions in social sciences. This practical exposure seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with empirical research, enhancing academic rigor and societal relevance. Furthermore, this collaborative and interdisciplinary space will cultivate critical analysis, technological fluency, and advanced problem-solving skills, preparing students to contribute significantly to the dynamic social sciences and digital humanities fields.