Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) offers an interdisciplinary major in International Studies, with specializations in Culture and Society and International Affairs and a minor in Literature. It also cooperates with the College of Communication and Media Sciences and the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises in offering a degree in Emirati Studies. The department’s disciplines are integrated for the study of the nature of culture and society, international affairs, the impacts of globalization,and issues of social and political development. The department includes the disciplines of anthropology, comparative literature, history, international relations, political science, and sociology. HSS also contributes disciplinary resources to the Colloquy Global Awareness Sequence in University College and supports majors in other colleges and departments through elective course offerings in the humanities and social sciences.


The mission of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is to provide an academic and professional focus from the humanities and the social sciences on issues that deal with local as well as global contexts. Specifically, the mission of the department is to:

•   provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs and a minor for students who are  interested in understanding and analyzing and eventually leading the United Arab Emirates in its social, economic, and cultural development; and

•   build partnerships with key organizations to support basic and applied research projects, policy development, and meaningful internships and other academic and career opportunities for students.

•  contribute to foundation courses in the Global Awareness Sequence which is part of the Colloquy on Integrated Learning in University College