Department of Arabic and Writing

Welcome to the Institute for the Arabic Language (IAL), a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to language teaching and research. Our institute is committed to the promotion of Arabic language in the UAE and the Arab world.


As part of the Zayed University community, that accentuates bilingualism, we, at IAL, strive to make this possible through teaching Arabic language that can be utilized at any discipline, and to make students proud of their language, culture and identity.

We, at IAL, develop students’ language competency, in addition to other academic and professional skills that prepare them for using Arabic in their profession and career.

IAL courses are based on current research in the fields of language learning and assessment. Our faculty are all well-rounded professionals who hold knowledge in Arabic language and different disciplines such as mass media, education, political science amongst others. Their efforts focus on helping Zayed University graduates to become more knowledgeable in the use of language in their majors.

In this section, you will read more about our faculty, our programs, and our courses. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elsayed Darwish

Director of the Institute for the Arabic Language