Dr. Magdalena Karolak Associate Professor

06 Apr 2021

Gulf Cooperation Council Culture and Identities in the New Millennium Resilience, Transformation, (Re)Creation and Diffusion

Year: 2020

A book volume published by Palgrave. Two chapters by Dr. Magdalena Karolak Associate Professor, are devoted to the development of the music industry in the region.

The co-edited book analyzes recent changes to the identities and cultures of the GCC countries. These important transformations have gone largely unnoticed due to the fast-paced changes in the region that affect all aspects of society.

The volume unpacks these transformations by looking from a holistic perspective at the intersections of language, arts, education, political culture, city, regional alliances and transnational identities.

It offers selected case studies based on original research carried out in the region.