Al Faris Ali

30 Nov 2019

A translation into Arabic of The False Madeleine by Al Faris Ali deals with the edges of consciousness, the miracles of the living and the inner provinces of art: poet-listening poets and a researcher who receives a nightly visit from witches; From an evening party on which Mrs. Dalloway meets Joyce; From the Moon Runes of the Hobbits and Tolkien's Love to the Dead Mother, Thomas Mann's Inner Siberia, and Flaubert's friendship with Maupassant, the three wild beasts that Proust creep, and an unknown model for Albertine; The Argentinian dreamer Jorge Luis Borges, and his veneration for Chesterton, the saint who fights a Mr. Hyde within himself. Mis-cells, and more-riddles and solutions-fifteen essays on the candlestick, which science lays down on great darkness, and the joy which literature gives us. For more see: Al Ittihad