Dr. Alyaa AlBedwawi Assistant Professor

07 Apr 2021

The book includes four chapters that highlight the following topics: 1. Sheikh Zayed's dream was achieved with the union of the Emirates.  2. The root principle of tolerance and coexistence, The Medina Document as the ideal model for peaceful coexistence. 3. Aspects of tolerance and coexistence in the Emirates. 4. The tools that enabled the Emirates to become the capital of tolerance.

The year 2019 was launched as the year of tolerance because the state seeks to spread tolerance both through programs and initiatives. Our initiative as faculty at the university was to launch a book to show the importance of tolerance and coexistence, especially as we at the university community are of different ethnic groups.  Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs To the Emirates, said: "The UAE has been founded on the unique foundations and values ​​of tolerance and coexistence. It has won respect and trust from the whole world and looks forward to its development experience and pioneering initiatives until it establishes its position as a global capital of tolerance and has a unique model that is imitated globally."