LS Legal Clinic Initiative (LCI)

The LS Legal Clinic is a community service initiative from the Graduate School of Law at Zayed University which aims to provide free legal information to members of both the University and wider community in the UAE. The Clinic offers counseling in different areas of law delivered by Graduate Students enrolled in the Master in Judicial Studies program (MAJS) under the careful supervision of experienced faculty and the Head of the Graduate School, Dr. Emam Attalla. The LS Legal Clinic serves as a means of practical education in legal studies where students acquire hands-on skills, while offering a free legal information service to all interested individuals.

Individuals are encouraged to submit their legal queries in Arabic or English. Queries can be submitted in writing or in person according to individual preference and all enquiries will be handled with the strictest confidence. Once an enquiry has been submitted, students will then consult the legal provisions applicable to the query. When an approach has been determined, students will submit their proposal to a member of faculty, or a legal consultant specialized in the relevant branch of law, for further feedback. After a comprehensive review, students will provide a response that will include an explanation of the case and define a potential course of action that can be taken if applicable. Individuals may also meet with students to discuss their legal concerns in person. In addition, students can organize mock court hearings to familiarize individuals with legal and court procedures. The estimated response time for enquiries is one month from submission.

The Legal Clinic offers consultation in the areas of specialization of the MAJS Program, namely, immigration and nationality laws, labor law, family law (Shari’a), administrative law, commercial law, IT law, civil law and criminal law.


The LS Legal Clinic provides an educational and informational service only. Any information provided at the request of interested individuals is to be regarded as a means of informative self-help.

The information provided does not constitute legal advice. While each enquiry is afforded every measure of care in the preparation of a response, the information provided is not a substitute for the legal advice provided by the individual enquirer’s own lawyer or legal advisor. Consequently, under no circumstances will Zayed University and/or the LS Legal Clinic be held responsible for any errors or omissions that may result. Furthermore, Zayed University and/or the LS Legal Clinic will not be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, liabilities or costs resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the use of the LS Legal Clinic service.

Individuals are advised to consult with their own lawyers or legal advisors about any information provided by the LS Legal Clinic.