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CAEP certificateThe Department of Education is actively engaged in the rigorous process of the continuity of the accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), a significant endeavor aimed at ensuring the highest standards in teacher training and education. Central to this accreditation pursuit are several key measures that reflect the department's commitment to excellence. First and foremost, the department is dedicated to assessing completer effectiveness and its direct impact on P-12 student learning, emphasizing the pivotal role educators play in shaping the academic outcomes of their students. Additionally, the department prioritizes the satisfaction of employers and the active involvement of stakeholders, recognizing the importance of fostering strong partnerships with the broader educational community. A crucial aspect of the accreditation process is evaluating candidate competency at the point of completion, ensuring that ZU graduates possess the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their teaching roles. Furthermore, the department is committed to gauging the ability of completers to secure employment in their licensure areas, aiming to produce educators who are not only well-prepared but also positioned for success in the professional realm. Through these comprehensive measures, the Department of Education is steadfast in its pursuit of CAEP accreditation, striving to elevate the standards of teacher education and positively impact the future of P-12 education. 

Further details regarding each CAEP measure are provided below: 

Completer Effectiveness and its impact on P-12 student learning

ZU’s partner schools were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of BS in Education teacher candidates for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 across the following skills and competencies: interaction, initiative, collaboration, communication, and punctuality.

The average score across both semesters and all evaluated skills and competencies was 83.8%.

In addition, evidence from case observations of teaching and in-service teachers' testimonies provided in the field suggested that completers contribute to students’ learning growth and that they are effective in applying professional knowledge and skills and have appropriate dispositions for teaching.

Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement

According to the latest ZU employer satisfaction survey (conducted in 2020-2021 by the UAE Ministry of Education), employer satisfaction with ZU graduates is 83%. These results indicate that candidates are meeting program expectations and are ready to take up employment as teachers in classrooms settings.

Candidate competency at the point of completion

In their final semester of studies, BS in Education teacher candidates complete an internship and a capstone seminar, both of which provide the opportunity to assess the competency of candidates just at the point of completion of the BS in Education program. The mean score for the common assessment in both EDC 490-Internship and EDC 499-Capstone Seminar is 89.3% for Academic Year 2022.

In addition to the mean scores of the common assessments, the grade distribution for these two courses is as follows:

Course Title






Total Grades[BA1] 

Fall 2021










Capstone Seminar







Spring 2022










Capstone Seminar







Ability of completers to secure employment in their licensure area

The UAE Ministry of Education conducts a graduate destination survey of all graduates within 9 months of graduation. This survey determines whether graduates have been employed in their field (employment rate), or whether they have at least been offered employment in their fields (employability rate) within 9 months of graduation. It is important to note that respondents may still find employment after this survey is conducted (i.e. more than 9 months after graduation).

BS in Education completers in 2022 had an 80% employability rate and a 47.69% employment rate according the UAE Ministry of Education graduate destination survey.

Hiring rates for completers increased significantly in 2022 as compared to the preceding two years. This strong employment rate was due to the establishment of public-private Charter Schools in UAE, as supported by the significant increase of private-sector employment among employed completers; in the 2022 graduate destination survey, 80% of the employed BS in Education completers were employed in the private sector (which includes these charter schools for the purposes of the survey).