Department of Arabic, Islamic and Legal Studies

The Department of Arabic, Islamic, and Legal Studies works to fulfill the vision of Zayed University and the college to preserve the Islamic, Arab, and national identity of the UAE and promote the dissemination of the culture of legal sciences through the programs and courses offered by the department.

At the graduate level, the department offers a Master’s degree in Legal and Judicial Studies, the first of its kind in the country and the Arab world. At the undergraduate level, the department offers several courses in Arabic, Islamic studies, Emirates studies, and legal studies, many of which are part of the general education requirements of the university.

At the undergraduate level, the department offers several required and elective courses as part of the general education program at Zayed University. These courses are meant to preserve, promote, and strengthen the skills and culture of the university’s students in Arabic, Islamic Studies, Emirates Studies, and Legal Studies and include:

Arabic Language

This unit offers several courses in the Arabic language and serves all students of Zayed University. The courses seek to develop skills and abilities of students in the Arabic language, connecting these skills to the job market and the professional needs of students. There are general courses that must be taken by all Zayed University students in their initial semesters of study, in addition to specialized elective courses that are open to students of all majors and seek to develop their passion for the Arabic language.

Remedial Course:

ARA 030 - Arabic Preparedness - 0 credit hours (For students with a total score of less than 900 in EMSAT).

Required Courses:

ARA 130 - Arabic Concepts - 3 credit hours.

ARA 345 - Advanced Arabic Skills - 3 credit hours.

Elective Courses:

ARA 211 - Masterpieces of Arabic Literature - 3 credit hours.

ARA 222 - Muslim Travelogue Literature - 3 credit hours.

ARA 235 - Principles of Translation - 3 credit hours.

ARA 335 - Teaching Arabic Literacy - 3 credit hours.

ARA 380 - Modern Arabic Syntax - 3 credit hours.

ARA 415 - Advanced Arabic Professional Writing - 3 credit hours.

Islamic Studies

The unit promotes the study of the culture and society of the region and the broader Muslim world in the context of global issues and transformations. It contributes to the university’s general education program through courses aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of Islamic civilization and improving their research skills in Arabic.

Required Courses:

ISL 135 – Islamic Civilization – 3 credit hours.

HSS 255 – Emirates Studies – 3 credit hours.

Elective Course:

ISL 209 – Contemporary Islamic World – 3 credit hours.

Legal Studies:

The unit offers several courses in legal studies that seek to promote and enhance the legal culture of Zayed University students. Through these general education courses, students are provided with important legal information in the field of business and entrepreneurship, following the country’s strategy and vision to promote future entrepreneurs.

Elective Courses:

LAW 200 – Business Law and Ethics – 3 credit hours.

LAW 225 – Entrepreneurship Law in the UAE – 3 credit hours.