Minor in Middle East and GCC Studies

A minor in Middle East and GCC studies is available only to students majoring in other Colleges.

The minor aims to provide students with a solid humanistic and social science foundation on which to form opinions, explain socio-political issues and better understand how to navigate the societal and institutional realities that they will encunter on a daily basis.

To be admitted to the minor, students must have a cumulative minimum GPA of a least 2.5 and must have completed at least one semester in a major program. Students must complete both major and minor requirements within the maximum number of semesters without having to enroll in an overload course schedule.

The minor consists of three 200-level courses and two 300-level courses and one 400-level course (Total 18 credits). 

The Students must take the required 200-level courses:
  • SOC 200: Social and Economic Trends in the Gulf
  • HSS 201: History of the United Arab Emirates 
  • HSS 203: History of the Modern Middle East 
The 300-level courses of which the students pick two:
  • HIS 321: Heritage of the Gulf
  • POL 332: International Relations in the Gulf Region
  • POL 334: Politics of Oil
  • FLS 361: World Cinemas ( If it focuses on the Gulf/MENA)
  • HIS 381: Legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan
  • ANT 385: Bedouin Society
The 400-level course of which the students pick one:
  • HIS 401: The Political History of the UAE
  • ANT 455: Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East 
  • A course from one of the World Regions: Europe/America, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Mediterranean, or Africa

*The Minor is offered in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai campus.