Student Support

Our Assistant Deans of Students at CHSS are:

Dr.Man Baker
Abu Dhabi   Email :

Dr.Tarak Abdallah
Dubai   Email :

Advising Services

Advising in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has an innovative approach which emphasizes student involvement throughout the process. The college’s advisors provide necessary resources and support to students. Advising services help students achieve their academic goals including career path, internship, study abroad programs, graduate studies, course-specific field trips and other extracurricular activities. 

Our Academic Advisors at CHSS are:

If you need guidance

At CHSS we value our students needs and support their journey towards excellence. Students in need of a little help on their path are heartily encouraged to first and foremost speak to their Academic Advisor and the Assistant Dean of Students Affairs.

Should further assistance be required we encourage students to utilize the many exceptional services to support your academic learning. Please visit the Student Affairs link down below: (Also visit other services found on the right side panel) 





Student Counseling Center

Alumni & Student Careers Office

Student Leadership