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Welcome to Zayed University’s College of Education Graduate Studies site. Graduate Studies form an important part of the Department of Education Studies. While at the undergraduate level, we prepare teacher candidates to be agents of change in educational settings, at the graduate level we prepare those already working in the field of education to bring their skills to a higher and more critical level as agents of change across the sector. We offer quality post-graduate degrees in Education, ensuring the highest program standards. We are currently offering graduate programs in Teaching and Learning, and Educational Leadership and Administration.

We believe that our post-graduate students are uniquely positioned to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. In pursuing a post-graduate degree in the College of Education at ZU, you will work closely with world-class faculty to solve critical problems in real time, to advance your professional knowledge in education, and to assist in creating innovative methods and approaches that improve learning environments for learners, teachers, and administrators.

Faculty and staff members at Zayed University’s College of Education come from diverse backgrounds and are well-rounded educators. They are dedicated to ensuring student success, fostering communication, and enhancing the academic experience of students. This is made possible through sincere commitment to academic excellence and robust support for our graduate students, faculty, and community.

Our door is always open; please visit us to know more about the benefits of pursuing post-graduate education in the College of Education at Zayed University.

Dr. Anna Dillon, Associate Professor and Chair of Education Studies Department
Dr. Mariam AlHashimi, Assistant Professor and Graduate Studies Coordinator

Our Programs:

Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning