Associate Professor

Ed.D.  2012 - Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA, Educational Leadership and Administration in Higher Education

M.A.  2005 - Notre Dame University, Lebanon, Applied Linguistics (TEFL minor)

B.A.  1999 - Universite Libanaise, Beirut, Lebanon, English Literature and Language (License D'enseignement) 



Dr. Zeina Hojeij joined Zayed University as an Assistant Professor in August 2013. She is currently the Chair of the Education Studies Department at the College of Education at Zayed University.  She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration from Saint Louis University, MI, USA. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is also a Blackboard Certified Associate and Accredited Facilitator, a Certified Online Instructor (COI) and CELTA & CELTYL certified. Dr. Hojeij has taught and coordinated a range of both undergraduate and graduate courses in Education and English Language and has been involved with teacher mentoring with Al Jalila Foundation for the past three years. Her research interests include educational leadership, English language education, mobile learning technology (ML), and teaching & learning. Dr. Hojeij has presented at national and international conferences and published her work internationally in peer-reviewed journals. She is currently involved in various research projects.


Dubai Academic City, C-L2-056



Research and Professional Activities

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