Assistant Professor

Ph. D. (2014) – University of KwaZulu Natal – South Africa
M.Ed. (2009) – Masters in Education – University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
B.A.Ed. (2004) – Bachelor of Arts with Education – Africa University, Zimbabwe


Lawrence Meda holds a PhD in Curriculum Studies. His areas of research interests are in Inclusive Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Technology and Teacher Education.


Dubai Academic City, C-L2-027


04 402 1297

Research and Professional Activities

Meda, L., & ElSayary, A. (2021). Establishing social, cognitive and teacher presences during emergency remote teaching: reflections of certified online instructors in the United Arab Emirates. Contemporary Educational Technology, 13(4), ep318 - 334. To link to this article:

Meda, L., & Mohebi, L. (2021). Prepared to teach using technology, but not prepared to teach online: A case of Early Childhood Pre-service teachers in the United Arab Emirates. Croatian Journal of Education, [In Press] Vol x. Series xx. Page xxxx.

Hojeij, Z., Meda, L., & Kaviani, A. (2021). Using reflective journals for analysing pre-service, early childhood teachers' perceptions of practicum

experiences. Issues in Educational Research, 31(1), 130-148. To link to this article:

Pather, S., Meda, L., Norodien-Fataar, N., & Dippenaar, H. (2020). Good Practices Across Two Education Faculties’ Tutor Programs: A Comparative Case Study. International Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 27(2), 43-52. doi:10.18848/2327-7955/CGP/v27i02/43-52. To link to this article:

Meda, L., Pather, S., Norodien-Fataar, N., & Dippenaar, H. (2021). Transforming the tutorial space to enhance knowledge sharing in higher education. In M K Ralarala., S L Hassan, & R Naidoo (Eds.). Knowledge beyond colour lines: Towards repurposing knowledge generation in South African higher education, Pages 231 - 248. Cape Town: UWC Press. To link to this chapter,


Swart, A. J. and Meda, L. (2019). Can you teach an old dog new tricks? – A case study using an electronic responsive system in an academic development workshop. World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 17(1), 82-87. To link to this article:,No.1%20(2019)/14-Swart-J.pdf

Meda, L. (2019). Decolonising the Curriculum: Students’ Perspectives. Africa Education Review. [In Press] 

Meda, L. and Swart, A. J. (2018). Analysing learning outcomes in an Electrical Engineering curriculum using illustrative verbs derived from Bloom’s Taxonomy. European Journal of Engineering Education. 43(3), 399-412, DOI: 10.1080/03043797.2017.1378169. To link to this article:

Meda, L. and Monnapula-Mapesela, M. (2016). Going Wide, Not Wild: Varying Conceptualizations of Internationalization at a University of Technology in South Africa. Journal of Studies in International Education, 20(3) 282–294. To link to this article:

Meda, L. (2019). Higher Education Curriculum in a Global Village. In: G. Y. Wang (Ed.), Globalization. Pages 1-19. InTechopen, Croatia. To link to this chapter:

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