Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

BSW, University of North Carolina, USA

MSc, Radford University, USA

MPH (Global Health), Roehampton University, UK

PgD (Epid.), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA


Dr. Matthews joined the faculty in August 2014, and serves as a Professor and Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. Prior to joining ZU, he worked with the United Nations (UNAIDS) and served as the Head of the Social Work Programme at the University of Namibia. Throughout his career, he has worked to establish a number of international programmes and partnerships, including initiatives in Peru, Brasil, Western Europe, Ghana, and Namibia. Dr. Matthews’ research interests primarily centre on risk and resilience among vulnerable youth and marginalised family structures in developing countries; civic engagement and social exclusion; as well as the impacts of HIV and other public health issues on fragile health and social welfare systems in the developing world.


Dubai Academic City, R-L2-071


+971 4 402 1323

Research and Professional Activities

-Matthews, J.D. (2018). Health literacy among female university students in the United Arab Emirates. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education.

-Matthews, J.D., Nashandi, J., & Avery, L.C. (2018). Southern African Social Acceptance of Rape Myths. Social Science.
Sloan, L., Bromfield, N., Rotabi, K, & Matthews, J.D. (2017). Social work education in the Arabian Gulf: Challenges and opportunities. Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work.

-Matthews, J.D., Clemmons, K., & Avery, L.C. (2016). Social work student attitudes towards the LGB population in Namibia: Results from an exploratory study. South African Journal of Higher Education.

-Matthews, J.D., Muinjangue, E., Rukambe, Z, Nashandi, J. (2015). An exploration of university students’ beliefs about gender equality. Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

-VonHase, I., & Matthews, J.D. (2014). Gender based violence (GBV) in Namibia: An exploratory rapid assessment of GBV response services in Windhoek. Geneva, Switzerland: United Nations.

-Matthews, J.D. (2013). HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Namibia: A review of the literature. Geneva, Switzerland: United Nations.

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