Minor in Education

Completion of this program will enable students from other colleges who are interested in education but do not plan to teach to become informed consumers of education and to expand their career opportunities in areas where business seeks expertise in materials development, design of instruction, or educational services.

A minor in education will develop insight in the educational process and systems of education. A minor in education enhances program offerings at Zayed University. The minor provides a background for students to apply in other professional venues such as business, communication, and industry and helps them develop broad perspectives on the purposes and forms of education and schooling, but does not prepare the graduate with training to be a teacher.

Students will develop knowledge of human development and learning, systems of education, family stability issues that affect children in school, and opportunities related to children with special needs. The goal of the minor is to provide students an opportunity to examine systematically an institution that influences the lives of virtually every member of United Arab Emirates society. Students will take 18 credit hours of courses in education, upon the advice of the Asst. Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Education. The minor will be designed to meet students’ needs and interests.