Bachelor of Science in Education

The College of Education’s undergraduate program provides prospective teachers, social workers and psychology and human development professionals with sound and rigorous preparation to enter their profession. Its programs are based on the belief that effective schools, strong communities and families, are essential to the sustainable development of the nation.

Accomplished teachers and social workers know their subject matter well, and they understand how strong and healthy families and communities contribute to nation-building. They have high expectations society. They have a variety of tools to facilitate the emergence of healthy communities that support the development of healthy families. Zayed University draws upon these understandings in its teacher and school social work preparation programs. Psychology and Human Services graduates are prepared with a sound foundation in psychology, helping skills, community engagement and services, and the understanding that a graduate degree will be an important element in the preparation of professionals in these fields. The employment outlook in the United Arab Emirates is excellent. In this context, preparation at Zayed University, with emphasis on fluency in English and Arabic, technology and research skills, and preparation for leadership, serves the U.A.E

Concentration in:

Early Childhood Education:

The Early Childhood Education concentration prepares teacher candidates to teach children from birth to age eight. Teachers in this concentration have extensive practice at all levels and are well prepared to foster language and literacy development, numeracy and quantitative reasoning, and investigative skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

1. Professional Knowledge. Use the current and emerging professional knowledge and skill base of the profession and engage in continuous professional development.

2. Professionalism and Ethics. Make considered, informed and ethical decisions, demonstrate the ability to adjust and adapt to change in complex environments and exhibit professional attitudes and dispositions appropriate to the diverse UAE environment.

3. Cultural Responsiveness. Demonstrate respect for others in diverse environments, for the rich heritage and culture of the UAE and communicate competently in English and Arabic with stakeholders in professional environments.

4. Global Awareness. Establish commitment to inclusive environments; demonstrate. empathy and global understanding in professional and learning environments

5. STEM Education and Research. Draw from the foundational knowledge of science, technology, the arts and design, engineering and mathematics to support continuous development of innovative environments, educational and social research, review of impact of professional decision-making to support communities of practice in learning and practice environments.

6. Contextualized Practice. Use current and emerging learning theory, demonstrate content knowledge and skills in the 80 College of Education 2019 - 2020 disciplines, and demonstrate knowledge of language acquisition and cognitive development to assure best international practice contextualized in the educational environment of the UAE.