Colleges of Media Sciences

CCMS General Education Program

(Program Framework approved by the Academic Council on 15 April 2020)


The General Education program is intended to provide students in all baccalaureate programs offered by Zayed University with essential skills and knowledge that would form an integral component of their undergraduate education. The program requirements cover skills and areas such as critical thinking skills, language and communication skills, humanities, Islamic studies and culture, innovation and entrepreneurship, mathematics and science, and information literacy and the application of technology.

Program Description

The General Education requirements must be an integral part of every bachelor’s degree program at Zayed University. The total General Education requirements of any degree program must make up 39 Credit Hours (CHs) of the total number of required credits of any undergraduate degree, which are divided in groups as follows:

CCMS General Education Program

* A student whose Arabic or English language skills are higher than the entry level course may request to challenge the course for credit.

Program Administration

Since the revised program consists of courses that will be offered by various colleges for all undergraduate students of the university, the program will be administered by the Programs and Curricula Office, under the auspices of the Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the respective colleges.