William Mc Carthy is an Assistant Professor in Media Production and Storytelling, and Tourism, as well as internship coordinator for Dubai. Before entering academia, he worked in print and television news, book publishing, and as a digital media designer in North America and Asia. 

His primary area of academic research explores the historical and contemporary intersection of media corporations and audiences/participants at places and non-places, and on online platforms, including Usenet, web discussion boards, and social media. His research also examines semiotics, branding, audience, experiential media, and leisure studies, and his work has been published in journals such as Quarterly Review of Film and VideoSocial Semiotics, Semiotica, Tourism Geographies, and Journal of Leisure Research. He is currently working on articles analyzing the semiotics of time orientation of the 192 country pavilions at Expo 2020, and the platform structure and characteristics of TikTok that facilitate the creator labor of crowdsourced content creation, distribution, exhibition, and extension. He also in final stagest of preparing a book manuscript on the evolution of online social platforms of the last three decades on corporate-consumer interactions. He has presented at numerous international conferences including the International Communication Association. He has led student trips to Greece, Japan, and the US. He was awarded a Zayed University Outstanding Faculty Award in 2011 and an Outstanding Service Award in 2016. Member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). 



Assistant Professor



Terminal degree


Awarding Institution

Univ. of Adleide

Research/Creative Areas 

social media, digital culture, media history, semiotics, leisure studies


Teaching Areas

Introduction to media storytelling, Media history, Zajel student media production, Interpersonal and intercultural communication, Media law and ethics, Applied media and communication research, Web production, Digital storytelling

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