Nadia Rahman is Associate Professor and Assistant Chair in the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University.

Nadia Rahman is a broadcast journalist.  She started her academic career at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she received her MFA in Film and Video Production, 2001. She also holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990.  Prof. Rahman was hosted by Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences (CCMS) as a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2004, researching oral history in the UAE, and joined the CCMS faculty in 2005.  She has served as Chair/Assistant Chair of the College of Communication and Media Sciences, Acting Director for ZU’s Communication Department, and Director of ZU’s Media Institute.

For a decade, Prof. Rahman produced, directed, and edited hundreds of hours of television news and current affairs programing for internationally renowned broadcasters.   She worked as the Middle East Producer for the BBC, NHK, and a freelance producer for CNN in Jerusalem. Her exclusive work, particularly during 9/11 and its aftermath, has won her awards and recognitions in the television broadcast sector. 

Prof. Rahman continues to work as a freelance journalist and media consultant. She edited the Middle East section of Gulf News out of Dubai for a six-month stint. She is published in the Washington Post and Gulf News and consulted for Sky News Arabia’s Pre-Launch in Abu Dhabi.  Her speaking engagements include classes at Columbia University in New York and Georgetown University in Washington DC.  She continues to volunteer and mentor young women journalists on behalf of The Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network, in honor of the late award-winning Sunday Times Correspondent. 



Associate Professor

Assistant Chair



Terminal degree


Awarding Institution

Peck School of the Arts

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Research/Creative Areas 

News and Current Affairs Broadcast Trends, Digital Media, Documentary, Strategic communication,  and the Middle East Culture and Society.


Teaching Areas

Documentary, Video and Audio Production, Photography, Script Writing, Film and Media Analysis, Media History, Visual literacy, Public Affairs Communication, and Storytelling. 

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