Mian Asim, Assistant Professor and Internship Coordinator

Mian Asim, Ph.D., holds over ten years of professional experience in advertising media planning and strategic communication planning as well as teaching experience at university level. He is an Assistant Professor and Internship Coordinator. 

Before joining Zayed University, Dr. Asim has been associated mostly with the media departments of various advertising and marketing agencies in United States.

He has specialized in creating and placing persuasive messages capable of working in diverse and multi-cultural environments. His research focus is on the effective use of religious symbols in advertising messages. However, he is also interested in assessing the moderating roles of religiosity, ethnic, and other aspects of an individual’s social identity toward evaluating message effectiveness in various online and offline environments and situations.

Dr. Asim has presented his research and won grants at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), and American Advertising Association (AAA) conferences. He received his doctoral degree in advertising from University of Florida while teaching advertising and media planning courses to junior and senior undergraduate students at the College of Journalism and Communications of the same university.

Previously, he received his master degree in advertising from California State University Fullerton while gaining hands on industry experience from several public and private sector communication projects.

After migrating to Southern California, Dr. Asim continued working for many internationally reputed brands such as Mazda, Nissan and Fujistu on behalf of various advertising and public relations firms.