Mian Asim serves as an Associate Professor in Integrated Strategic Communications and Assistant Dean in the College of Communication and Media Sciences Dubai campus. Dr. Asim teaches media management, creative advertising, and core communication courses at Zayed. Dr. Asim received his Ph.D. degree in Communication from the University of Florida. He served as an Instructor of Record while teaching courses in Media Planning and Communication Management for over three years in that university. Before entering Academia, Dr. Asim held more than ten years of professional experience in media planning and strategic communication campaign management from working for internationally reputed advertising companies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Zimmerman, and Doner U.S.A. 

Dr. Asim specializes in creating and placing persuasive messages capable of working in diverse and multi-cultural environments. His research focus is on the effective use of religious symbols in advertising messages. However, he is also interested in assessing the moderating roles of religiosity, ethnicity, and other aspects of an individual’s social identity toward evaluating message effectiveness in various online and offline environments and situations. Dr. Asim has presented his research and won grants at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and American Advertising Association (AAA) conferences. In addition, his research appeared in the Journal of Intercultural Research, Asia Pacific Media Educator, and Media Asia.  

Dr. Asim has a distinguished record in student service and counseling at Zayed University. He is responsible for supervising the internship progress of CCMS students while maintaining close coordination between Career Office and public and private companies. 


Assistant Professor

Internship Coordinator


Terminal degree


Awarding Institution

University of Florida 

Research/Creative Areas 

Cross and Intercultural Communication, Impact of Religiosity and Religious Symbols in Advertising, Strategic and Political communication

Teaching Areas

Communication Management, Media Planning & Management, Creative Advertising Strategic communication campaigns, Research in communication management, Writing for Mass Media, Intercultural Communication, Persuasive Techniques

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