Hessa Al Falahi, Instructor

Hessah Ahmed Hareb AlFalahi was born in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in 1990.

In 2011, she graduated from Zayed University with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Journalism. Immediately after, she completed her Master's degree in general strategic relations. Thankfully, she worked in this field as a lecturer and a teacher in one of the most important academic institutions in the country, Zayed University and Higher Colleges of Technology, through which she discovered her passion for teaching. 

Her ambition is to be a successful university professor, a loving wife, and a great mother who strives to contribute to building and educating society, and to put her experience in the service of the United Arab Emirates, raising the flag in the academic arena.


u  Certified NLP Practitioner 

u  Advanced Diploma in NLP coaching

u  Certified Wellness Coach

u  Advanced Diploma in NLP

u  Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach 

u  Emotional Intelligence coach practitioner 

u  Certified in Train the Trainer