Dr. Hamza Saad Mohamed, Associate Professor

Dr. Hamza's involvement with the media began with his first degree in communication and public relations, which he obtained from Cairo University. Along with his undergraduate studies, he also completed an internship as a journalist, which was followed by a MA degree in public relations. Dr. Hamza obtained his PhD in mass communication from the department of media and communication, University of Leicester (2008). Before joining Zayed University in 2015, Hamza has taught such courses as international communication, media in the international context, media and society, principles of public Relations, introduction to mass Communication, international communication, writing for public relations, public relations campaign, international public relations, public relations writing, communication in modern societiesat the graduate and undergraduate levels. Hamza has served as anassistant professor at the college of communication - Sharjah university- UAE, College of Communication, Cairo University (English Division), Al-Minia University and the department of media and communication at Leicester university, UK.

Hamza has published in several internationally recognized journals such the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, the International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management (IJCRMM), and International Journal of Online Marketing (IJOM). Currently, he is a reviewer for the International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management (IJCRMM) and a member of the Editorial Review Board for a number of international journals. Dr. Hamza acted as consultant to a number of organizations in Egypt, UAE, and UK.