Azza A. Ahmed is a professor of Mass Communication at Zayed University since 2018. Formerly, she was a professor and assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Abu-Dhabi University. She was an associate professor at the United Arab Emirates University. Azza keeps her position as a professor in the Faculty of Mass Communication, at Cairo University in Egypt. 

Azza received Khalifa Award for the Distinguished University Faculty in Teaching, in 2016. She also got the distinguished Professor Award from Abu-Dhabi University and the distinguished service award from UAEU.

Azza participated in internationally refereed prestigious conferences in the UK, USA, Bahrain, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, and China. She got four research awards from universities in the USA, Morocco, and Paris. She is a member of the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators AUSACE in which she served as vice president until 2017. She was the Arabic editor of the Journal of Middle East Media from 2005-2016. She is an editorial board member of the Arab Media and Society journal and JMEM.

Azza is a reviewer for Journalism and Mass Communication, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic media, TV and New Media, New Media, and Society; Journal of Social Sciences as well as AUSACE, AEJMC, and ICA conferences.

Her research appeared in the Arab Media and Society Journal, Cross-Cultural Communication, the International E-Politics Journal, the International Journal of Interactive Communication System and Technologies, the International Journal of Media Watch, and the Contemporary Review of the Middle East.



Full Professor

Media in Arabic Program Coordinator



Terminal degree


Awarding Institution

Cairo University, Egypt.

Research/Creative Areas 

Media effects, TV news, New media usages and impacts, TV drama, Binge-TV watching, Media credibility, Media research ethics.


Teaching Areas

Media Research Methodology, Communication Theories, Public speaking, Media Storytelling, Media Translation, Writing for Public Relations, Media Ethics & Law, TV News Production, Organizational Communication, MC Senior Projects, PR Case Studies, Contemporary Issues in Mass Communication and Principles of Strategic Communication.

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