TEDx Zayed University

TEDx Banner 2019

What happens when you reach frontiers? How do our journeys of life, the mind, the spirit and the world evolve? TEDxZayedUniversity 2019 will explore these ideas and more among its university community in the United Arab Emirates. Held in Dubai, this TEDx is happening in a global city within a nation that strives not just to find frontiers, but rather to go beyond known limits. 

This year's event is timed with two important milestones: the UAE's Innovation Month, and its  Year of Tolerance

Language helps us expand frontiers, and TEDxZayedUniversity will for the second time feature more than one language. Individual speakers will choose to give their talks either in local Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (Fos'ha), or English. 

With an anticipated 1,000 attendees, this will be the largest TEDx in Zayed University's history. Over 600 people will join the event at the Dubai campus, and another 400 will watch via livestream from the university's Abu Dhabi campus. The first TEDxZayedUniversity to reach out to numerous sponsors, it will offer opportunities for the greater community to share in its success.

For more information, visit: https://www.zu.ac.ae/tedxzu