Colleges of Media Sciences


The College’s curriculum is designed to assess student learning by focusing on the Pearls of Wisdom. The pearls represent the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s 12 professional values and competences. Two CCMS courses and one Arabic course require content to be included in a student's e-portfolio to showcase learning course outcomes and ACEJMC professional values and competencies. Student e-portfolios are evaluated by faculty and professionals each semester.

Specifically, content from the two required CCMS core courses along with content from one of four culminating concentration courses must be included in the e-portfolio. Also, course content from Institute for Arabic Language course ARA 340 Media Storytelling II, which is required by CCMS to enhance bilingual writing competency, is included in the e-portfolio.

Students receive instruction from their professors or instructors on attaching required e-portfolio files in the Blackboard e-portfolio as draft in each e-portfolio content course. E-portfolios are submitted in the Blackboard CCMS e-portfolio and reviewed during the student’s final 10-week course, which is COM 490 Internship. The College has a webpage explaining e-portfolio requirements.

E-portfolio Content

Core CCMS Courses

COM 360 – Communication and Media Research and Analysis (Research project)

COM 441 – Communication and Media Law (Research paper)

Concentration Culminating Experience (Capstone) Courses

COM 451 – Integrated Strategic Communications ( Final campaign document)

COM 457 – Senior Project in Visual Communication (Final video project)

COM 475 – Planning and Promotion for Events and Festivals (Final project)

COM 481 – Advanced Converged Media (One Major reporting assignment/final project (text, video, audio, still photography)

Institute for Arabic Language Courses

ARA 340 – Media Storytelling in Arabic II  (written sample)

E-portfolio Evaluation


    • The Internship Coordinator will complete a CCMS e-portfolio product checklist for each student CCMS e-portfolio for the required files and report any missing items to the Dean.

COM 490 Internship DEADLINE

    • Regular semester students must complete their CCMS e-portfolio by the end of week 2 of Part of Term B in COM 490 Internship.
    • Summer school internship students must complete their CCMS e-portfolio by the deadline assigned by the Internship Coordinator.