The curriculum in the College of Communication and Media Sciences is designed to assess student learning by focusing on the Pearls of Wisdom. Pearls of Wisdom represent 12 professional values and competencies promoted by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) at the time when the College was first accredited by ACEJMC. An additional Pearl of Wisdom assesses collaboration skills, which are a prominent feature of the Emirati culture.

The College assumes a transparent approach to student assessment. For example, COM360 Applied Media Research and Analysis, and COM490 Internship organize poster presentations that are open to the students and faculty. Students who took COM360 Applied Media Research and Analysis present their research projects. Students who completed an internship share their internship experiences.

Students taking TCC375 Planning and Promotion for Events and Festivals organize events on campus as evidence for assessment of their work. For example, one of the events was devoted to promoting specializations offered by the College among students at Zayed University. 

Students working on the capstone project in ISC451 Integrated Strategic Communication Campaign are encouraged to publish a news release about their campaign on Zajel, a student media outlet for ZU students. For example, a group of students publicized their campaign aiming to normalize discussions about mental health treatment.