Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

The College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University shall be internationally recognized as a premier provider of bilingual, interdisciplinary education, scholarship and outreach in the fields of communication and media studies integrating strategic communication, digital media, and tourism and cultural communication."  We ensure this through:

1.    an innovative curriculum built on the intersections of social sciences, humanities, arts, computing, design, and management to craft powerful stories that communicate local yet global perspectives on areas of national priority through converged media and communication technologies,

2.    high-impact research and creative scholarship that advances knowledge in the fields of communication and media sciences and contributes to UAE's transformation to a knowledge-based economy, and 

3.    engagement with local, regional, and global communities to create meaningful connections among education, research, and practice.

Mission Statement

To prepare bilingual leaders in communication and digital media to serve the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Gulf region, and the global community. The College emphasizes through teaching and learning, research and creative scholarship, and community engagement:

  • the important roles of media and communication in local and global cultures
  • informational and technological literacies and language competencies in Arabic and English 
  • ethics, truth, accuracy, fairness, and diversity in communication