Minor in Communication and Media Sciences

This minor is available only to students in other colleges. The minor is designed to provide tools to students who will work outside the communication field, but will need an understanding of basic communication principles and skills. To be admitted to the minor in Communication and Media Sciences, students must have a cumulative minimum GPA of at least 2.5 and must have completed at least one semester in a major program. Students must complete both degree program and minor requirements within the maximum number of semesters without having to enroll in an overload course schedule. Students from other colleges who wish to minor in Communication and Media Sciences need either to fulfill the same Prerequisites as CCMS majors or receive permission from the Dean/Associate Dean.

The minor is very flexible. The student’s advisor can help select courses to complement the major based on career goals. Advisors from CCMS can also help students choose courses. This Minor requires the successful completion of 18 credit hours of courses.

Each course noted below is worth 3 credit hours.