TRIBE- The CMO Summit Agenda 22nd February 2024

22 Feb 2024

Professor Ian Michael, from the College of Business (CoB) Dubai campus, assumed the role of moderator during a panel discussion titled 'Revolutionizing Engagement: Next-Gen Customer Experience & Interaction in the Digital Landscape' at the prestigious marketing summit 'Tribe,' hosted by Khaleej Times in Dubai. The event provided an opportunity for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to convene, engage in debates, discussions, and dialogue with their peers and industry experts.

During his opening speech, Ravi Tharoor, the CEO of Khaleej Times, articulated the objective of the TRIBE gathering as unraveling the secrets of striking a balance between innovation and investment within the marketing domain. He emphasized that CMOs are no longer bound by traditional roles but are instead pioneering new standards for customer engagement. Tharoor said, "As we peer into the future, these trailblazers are not just rewriting rules; they are setting new high standards for customers."

Ian’s panel delved into the multifaceted theme of "Revolutionizing Engagement: Next-Gen Customer Experience & Interaction in the Digital Landscape," with a specific emphasis on leveraging AI for hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale. The panel featured three distinguished speakers, Fahed Bizzari (Founder of the Bellamy Alden Institute for AI Transformation also the Founder & Coach of The ChatGPT Accelerator), Giacomo Ziani, (Senior Director of Group Marketing and Communications, G42) and Hassan Mohammad (Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer at the Customer Experience & Service Association, CXSA Middle East). Together, these panelists brought a diverse range of expertise and perspectives to the discussion, contributing to a comprehensive exploration of revolutionizing customer engagement and interaction in the digital landscape with a focus on AI-driven approaches.

John Senai, a Future Strategist, delivered a poignant message to Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), advocating for the adoption of reverse mentoring. His message was particularly directed towards more experienced CMO’s encouraging them to embrace the idea of seeking mentorship from individuals younger than themselves. Senai emphasized the value of gaining insights and perspectives from younger mentors to stay attuned to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, culture, and consumer behavior.