Published Book on Social Science by Natasa Slak

20 Apr 2023

Dr. Nataša Slak, an Associate Professor at COB, edited and published a book on social science of Socotra island. The book focuses on people indigenous to Socotra, Socotri cultures, heritage and also offers contributions from business, tourism, linguistic, communication, and anthropology. While a lot has been published in natural science about Socotra’s endemic species, biodiversity, and nature in general, social scientific research of the island is very limited. The book has been published by Springer Nature, who presents the book as »Uniquely the only book that will approach social science of Socotra Island. Discovers Socotra as an unknown island located in Yemen, probably one of the very few untouched places in the world (source: Springer Nature  .

Besides publishing the book, Dr. Slak travelled to Socotra with few other authors to present the book to Socotra community. The event was held at Socotra Archipelago University and resulted in an immense interest.