2022 FMA Global Conference in the Middle East

19 Apr 2022

Zayed University is pleased to announce hosting the inaugural Financial Management Association (FMA) Global Finance Conference in Middle East during November 14-16, 2022, in Zayed University’s Convention Center- Dubai Campus.

Since 1970, FMA has been hosting high quality conferences in the US that provide venues for scholarly interaction among academicians and practitioners. This expanded to European conferences starting in 1997, Asia/Pacific conferences in 2009, and Latin America in 2017.

The conference will include a mix of high quality paper sessions, sessions on practice, a doctoral student consortium, and social activities.

Program Co-Chairs are:

Rwan El-Khatib, Associate Professor of Finance, Zayed University

Thorsten Beck, Professor of Financial Stability, European University Institute

Marc Lipson, Robert F. Vandell Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

You can find the call for papers on: https://fmai.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/Dubai/DubaiCallNovember14-16.pdf 

And conference page on:  https://www.fma.org/2022-dubai