Muhannad Al-Alawi is currently a faculty member at Zayed University in the College of Business and a researcher in the field of business innovation. He has professional experience in several fields prior higher education, including standards and regulations at the government sector, education and professional training.

He is an international assessor accredited by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, an ISO certified international auditor for management systems, and a certified international trainer in the fields of management, occupational health and safety, first aid and food safety.

He led many successful projects, for example but not limited to; (1) Implementation of Food Safety Management System in all animal primary production establishments within Abu Dhabi Emirate (2) The automation of the regulations and standards Master list (3) UAE committee for issuing five GCC standards (4) Raising up the organizational performance towards Occupational health and safety standard (5) Course leader of general undergraduate courses for one year (6) Provided nine hundred hours of vocational training (7) Leading Three Research projects (a) to examine the value of vocational training towards job market (b) The introduction of Blockchain technology for improving traceability and authenticity of Agri-Food supply chains (c) Students perspectives on the effectiveness of group tools on blackboard on delivering group projects. (8) Volunteer workshops at many organizations including the public.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City


+971 2 599 3192