Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The bachelor degree in Accounting prepares students to assume professional roles as business leaders with the ability to organize, analyze, manage and report the results of business transactions. Students are exposed to the broad topical areas of financial accounting, managerial and cost accounting, auditing and accounting information systems. They become conversant with both internal and external accounting, and acquire the analytical skills necessary for entry-level accounting positions in industry and government. Coursework also helps prepare students for professional certification programs such as ACCA, CPA and others.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

1. Apply financial theory, including GAAP and IRFS, in various types of business organizations

2. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of managerial accounting and auditing standards and practices.

3. Demonstrate familiarity with basic accounting information systems.

4. Demonstrate how the primary business functions (e.g. Strategy, Production, Marketing, etc.) contribute to organizational effectiveness and explain how major external factors (e.g., consumer preferences, economic factors, legislation, etc.) impact organizations.

5. Identify and solve business problems through the application of financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, accounting information systems and general business knowledge.

6. Conduct research in a chosen area of specialization and document and defend the research results.

7. Communicate effectively in writing and verbally, and deliver professional-level presentations.

8. Operate individually and contribute to team effectiveness with only general supervision.

9. Demonstrate leadership in planning and managing projects and small teams.

10. Recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas in the workplace, and explain the basic principle of corporate social responsibility.