Stefan Messam
Masters Degree in Design, majoring in Illustration and Visual Narrative

Stefan KK Messam has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He gained a Masters Degree in Design, majoring in Illustration and Visual Narrative. He currently teaches Illustration and Design at the College of Arts & Creative Enterprises at Zayed University in Dubai, UAE.

 His work looks to explore conventions of identity and the range of codes and symbols we construct to remind ourselves of identity, experiences, memories, day to day routines, passions and secrets. The work has been expanded to construct a compelling visual narrative. His work is a playful look at this concept, with cryptic sets of symbols and codes that are never really meant to be read, only acknowledged as a depth of identity and personality.

 Stefan is currently working on ‘The Resurrection Lands’, a graphic novel based in the realm of Purgatory. The first volume of a Three part series was published in April 2015. The work explores the boundaries of the sketchbook as a resolved aesthetic and cohesive visual narrative, and is a culmination of his many character studies.


Dubai Academic City, Dubai


+971 4 402 1581

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