Kelly Devrome
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Ballarat, Australia 2013
Master of Arts (by Research), University of Ballarat, Australia 2007
Bachelor of Visual Arts (Fine Art), University of Ballarat, 1999

Kelly Devrome is an Assistant Professor of Visual Art at Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates.  She obtained her Master of Arts (by Research) and PhD from the University of Ballarat, Art Academy now Federation University Australia.  Kelly is a contemporary visual artist, painter and drawer, whose work concentrates on atmospheric and oneiric qualities that can be tangibly felt or understood as one moves through space. Her research interests include the theory of intermediary forms present in the visual and spatial arts and the use of the veil in modernist abstraction. It is the scaffolding of form and suggestion of architectonic space through which she uses as a metaphoric vantage point for the context of her work. Where subtle yet rigorous meditations on abstract form evokes a sense of allusive space beyond the surface. Selectively, Kelly’s work was showcased at the Geelong Art Gallery, Australia in 2006, in the exhibition titled Simulacra, and at the Dar Al Funoon art gallery in Kuwait City 2010, held under the auspices of the Australia Embassy, titled Reveal, Disclose.  


Dubai Academic City, Dubai


+971 4 402 1614

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Research Methods for Artists and Designers.

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Window on an Era: Geelong a post-industrial city

The Onieric Veil in Contemporary Australian Art

ONEIRIC VEIL: Kelly Devrome

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